Survivor's Obligation

What does a bad day at the office look like? 
 For a Fighter Pilot, it means a split-second decision to try to live.
For Chris R Stricklin it was an unsurvivable, out-of-the-envelope ejection...
One which he now details and discusses for the first time ever!

This is the most documented and detailed ejection in the history of the Air Force.
From his unique First-Hand Experience Keynote of this  historic 25-second flight
You can improve: 

Safety Processes


The USAF Thunderbirds are the picture of perfection and attention to detail. Learn how this elite team continually delivers perfection with a 50% turnover each and every year in the most demanding work environment in the world. This success model directly translates to your business environment and can ensure your success!

Operating at over 1,000 miles per hour with a mere 18 inches between these multi-million dollar aircraft, Thunderbird Demonstration pilots must have complete trust in one another and think and operate efficiently, effectively and seemlessly. The model which has successfully developed a new team each year for over 50 years now can be used to improve your business and your team!