Chris R. Stricklin

Award-Winning International Author & Speaker
Retired USAF Senior Officer
Commanded Top Fighter Squadron
​Thunderbird Solo (F-16)
F-15C Instructor of the Year
Top USAF Safety Officer​
White House Fellowship
DARPA Fellowship

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Chris “Elroy” Stricklin is an award-winning leadership author, a highly sought after motivational keynote speaker and a Combat-Proven Senior Military leader retiring after 23 years of service which culminated with CEO-Level leadership of a 7,000-person strong, $7B worldwide organization. His unique leadership style & skill have afforded him roles as a Business Management Consultant with multiple Fortune 500 businesses and presentations before millions of business employees.
His style combines the skills acquired as a combat-proven leader, mentor, author, speaker and coach integrating the fields of dynamic Leadership, followership, negotiations, positive change, public relations, public speaking and complex organizational change as a business strategist.
Unique experience as a U.S.A.F. Thunderbird Solo coupled with CEO-Level duties and Pentagon-level strategic management of critical Air Force resources valued at $840B, multiple N.A.T.O. assignments, White House and DARPA fellowships, and command-experience in the United States Air Force allow his unique synthesis of speaking, following, leading, management, negotiations, continuous improvement and positive change. His acclaimed keynote reveals the secret to Teamwork…The Thunderbird Way, an insight into the success principles and training methods used by The Air Force Thunderbirds to ensure precision and success each season.
A combat-decorated Fighter Pilot, Chris is also a Certified Manager with degrees in Economics, Financial Planning, Management, Real Estate, Strategic Studies and Operational Art and Science. He authored a negotiation primer subsequently published and adopted as required Air Force Pentagon new action officer orientation. He and his wife, Terri, have 4 children.

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